Here you can find out more about the services that I offer. This isn’t a completely exhaustive list, so if you don’t see what you need here, feel free to get in touch with me here and we can have a chat.

Do you need a website for a new business, or are you looking to replace an old website with a new one? All websites developed by me are completely bespoke, adhere to WordPress best-practice coding standards, and use modern, cutting-edge techniques to ensure the site is fast, well-optimised, and as future-proof as any website can be.

I can work with existing designs if you have them, or I can produce a new design for the site that best fits your requirements.

A website should be as fast as possible in today’s world, to ensure that users do not become frustrated and leave your website prematurely. Using modern techniques, any website I construct will perform quickly and reliably – like this one does.

Site development

You may already have a website that suits your needs, but perhaps it’s a bit slow, or difficult to use, or maybe just not attracting the level of business that you hoped for. If you have an existing website that needs some improvements, I can take that on and work with you to get it where it needs to be.

In particular the most important areas to focus on for improving a website are speed, usability, and search engine friendliness. On those three areas I can provide guidance and targeted work to improve the site’s overall performance.

Site optimisation

You may already have a website which is performing well, but maybe your business is expanding to new offerings, and the website requires an upgrade to handle the new requirements. I can provide assistance here, starting with fleshing out the new requirements, and how those can be best retrofitted to an existing system. Any upgrades are made in a safe manner, with infinite rollback, meaning that we can roll the site back to any existing state, at any time.

While performing the upgrade, I can also advise on where functionality across the site can be streamlined and improved.

Feature addition

Security is of ever-increasing importance in today’s world, and every website needs to be protected. Many website owners are under the impression that as a small enterprise, they are safe from hacking attempts, believing they are not likely to be a target.

This is not the case however, as most website hacking today is performed in an opportunistic, automated manner – almost all websites will fall under attack eventually. In most cases these are not targeted attacks, but are performed by automated tools that are programmed to attack any website they can find. If the automated attack succeeds, the site will then likely be targeted for ransom, theft, or defacing. It is therefore of utmost importance that the site’s security is robust enough to block all automated hacking attempts.

I can perform a security audit on your website, identify the most likely attack vectors, and provide solutions to harden those attack points.

Security consultancy

Unfortunately, the best website security in the world can’t make a website completely impenetrable –  in the same way that no amount of locks on a door could stop a determined criminal. The aim is to make the website secure enough that any attempt to hack into it is likely to be more effort than it’s worth.

If you have a website that has been hacked, it is very important to get the site cleaned up and restored to normal functionality as soon as possible. I can provide assistance with this, and can advise on the options available to you to fix the problems caused by the hack, and improve the site’s security to prevent the same issue occurring again in the future.

Hacked site restoration

Also known as SEO, this process is about making your website, and business, as easy as possible for search engines such as Google to understand. The better these search engines understand your website, the more likely it is that users searching for services that you provide will find your website.

This is often a long term process, with improvements in search rankings coming slowly, but if performed correctly, improvements will also have long-lasting benefits.

Often the best things to do to improve SEO is review and update text content on the site, and ensure that the website performs as best as it can. I can provide detailed assistance here on changes that need to be made, and the best way to implement those.

Search-engine optimisation

If you require assistance with a website, or related digital marketing queries, that don’t fit into one of these categories, please feel free to get in touch. I can also provide consultancy services that cover all aspects of digital marketing and online presence.

General consultancy

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