I am a freelance expert using WordPress, the most popular content management systems (or CMS) in use today. WordPress powers 35% of all websites worldwide, and can be used for almost anything.

Alongside my WordPress expertise, I am experienced in general front-end and back-end technologies – for more technical details, see below. For non-technical readers, I am a skilled all-rounder, and can deal with all sorts of problems or develop new features for any purpose.

I am an experienced
full-stack web developer

Technical skills


  • Proficient in the HTML5 standard for modern template development
  • Experienced using the latest standards in CSS3 for modern styling
  • Skilled in using JavaScript to create interactive website experiences
  • Familiar with front-end build tools to improve efficiency, such as Gulp, Grunt, Webpack, SASS, and more
  • Well-versed with modern JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, Vue, and React


  • Experienced with modern PHP frameworks including Laravel and Yii
  • Proficient with other CMS systems, including Silverstripe and Opencart, in addition to WordPress expertise
  • Highly experienced in administering mySQL databases, and managing security concerns relating to these
  • Familiar with web server administration, including usage of Apache, Nginx, server-side caching systems, firewalls and other security software, and load-balancing software
  • Experienced with various ‘Dev Ops’ tools, such as automated builds,  deployments, and testing scripts.

Personal info

I have had a vested interest in technology for my whole life, and most people would describe me as a geek! I’ve worked in web development for a long time now, and even outside of my work, I can often be found working on projects for myself, friends, or family.

I live in the Bedfordshire area with my wife, Dilly, a freelance Digital Marketer, who also helps to run a large equestrian business providing 5* livery and show stabling. When I’m not working, I enjoy relaxing with video games, books, Metal Earth models (look them up, they’re great!), or walking our 3 dogs.

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