My contribution to a 1000 year code archive

Code General Updates

This year, I officially became a Github Arctic Code Vault Contributor – which means that code written by me has been added to a very long-term code archive, located in Svalbard, and will be safely preserved there for up to 1000 years – and I’m very proud of it! You can read more about the…

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Plugins that I’m proud of


Over the course of my WordPress career, I’ve launched a couple of my own plugins to the WordPress plugin directory. I’ve gone into details on those here. These plugins are available to download at the links below: The first plugin, Simple Webp Images, helps to speed up WordPress in an easy, simple to…

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New website launched

General Updates

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally gotten around to completing my new website! It’s the nature of the beast that personal projects are always placed on the back-burner in favour of work for others, so I’m very satisfied that I managed to get this site put together at all. My intention for…

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